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South Africa wins big at World Travel Awards

From luxury wine estates and gigantic tourist attractions, to the best ways to fly in the sky, the World Travel Awards is a grand achievement that tells travellers which are the most trusted brands.

On Saturday, the Africa and Indian Ocean edition of the awards was held at the swanky Sugar Beach Resort.

The nightly celebrations were welcomed by founder and president of the World Travel Awards, Graham Cooke who started the event in 1993. Since then, it has grown into one of the industry’s highest benchmarks.

 Handed out by our very own Jo-Anne Strauss, there were some big winners from South Africa:

  • Table Mountain won the continent’s Leading Tourist Attraction
  • Cape Town International won the best airport category
  • Cape Town city took home Best Events and Festivals Destination.

“This gala event celebrates the outstanding achievements of those who have made the hospitality industry attractive, appealing, proud, resilient, inclusive and sustainable,” says Gayan.

“If there is one activity carried out by mankind, which adds to the sum total of human happiness and well-being, it must be tourism. This is why no government can afford to ignore tourism as an engine of economic empowerment, creator of wealth and generator of employment.”

Added to that, tourism as a multiplier effect is clearly visible and measurable, but Gayan went on to applaud the moral advantage of tourism – to much applause.

“At a time when the world is witnessing the rise of nationalism and populism, terrorism, xenophobia and other phobias. They are putting up walls, intolerance, racist-inspired violence – we firmly believe in tourism as an effective means to counter such tendencies and to promote understanding between people of different cultures, religions and traditions.” 

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